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Good morning, Sweetheart

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You wanna dance?
Welcome to glitch_wyatt, the original fandom community dedicated to the love of Wyatt Cain and Glitch/Ambrose from the Scifi channel original miniseries Tin Man.


1. Respect other members of the community. Bullying, harassment, flaming, and 'ship wars will not be tolerated and you will be warned once before being banned if you are found to be breaking this rule.

2. Posts of a personal nature should be kept on personal journals unless they contain content (fic/vid/art/etc.) or unless circumstances are approved by a moderator.

3. Use proper tags on all posts. This includes Subject, Rating, Author, Genre. The outline for tagging is here. Using tags allows everyone to find your posts and keeps everything nice and in order.

4. All posts relating to other communities, advertisements, contests, and such should be approved by a mod to be sure if it is allowed. If you are in doubt of whether or not we will allow the content, PM a mod and ask for approval.

5. This should be common sense, but if you are posting a large image or long post please please put it behind a cut.

Please come introduce yourselves to us here.

Here is a link to all the tags.

In Regards To Fanfiction
Please include at least the following before the LJ cut:

tinman_fic | the_o_z | tin_and_jewels | tinman_fans | tin_and_straw | tin_man_claims | tmfictionawards | thegraygale | "Good Morning Sweetheart" on y!gallery

Head over here to vote for a Tin Man series and for Cain/Glitch!
Our comm is now the proud owner of Glitch/Cain thanks to tin_man_claims!